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  • Lost Files – Summer 2022

    “A year ago today” reads my phone screen as I pull up my photos app. It’s funny to think about a year ago, and how time speeds up and forms memories when you go places and do things, allowing your energy to lead the way sometimes. I’m talking about life after Covid-19; the freedom to…

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  • Design & Community: Comparing US to Italian and Jordanian Architecture

    The first in a series of interviews about finding comfort through communication and design in cultural exchange. I met Caitlyn in 2021 after the height of the pandemic was over, yet we were still affected daily by ongoing regulations and the continued spread of the virus. We spent a semester studying art together in Rome,…

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  • Italian Packaging: a Look Inside the Castroni

    Castroni, a musky soft-lit shop that feels like stepping into a 17th century apothecary, packed from floor to ceiling with wrapped and ribboned goods is the hub for authentic Italian delicacies. From tartufo to torrone, cantucci to coffee, Castroni hold numerous high quality specialties imported from all over the country. This also makes for beautiful…

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  • Silver and Gold: Friendship during Solo Travel

    Make new friends, but keep the old; Those are silver, these are gold. Joseph Parry It is daunting: taking the plunge, letting go, leaving one’s own country behind, the things you grew up loving, the culturally specific things, the things that only your environment has you thinking about, the street plan in your mind with…

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  • A Case Study on Turkish Designer İhap Hulusi

    Brief With the foundation of modern day Turkey in 1923, the transition to a new form of government called for the promotion and communication of new government policies to the wider public. Known as the “father of Turkish design”, İhap Hulusi created posters with the goal to promote the new systems and laws of the…

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  • Design Roundup: International Magazines

    On a lazy Saturday after my first week of classes, I decided to take a trip to Avril 50 on Sansom Street in Philadelphia. The international magazine shop and cafe takes me back to memories of the little tabacchi (corner store shops) in Rome. It’s a cozy row home-turned-shop nestled next to Federal Doughnuts and…

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  • 35mm Film Photography: Practicality and Beauty

    phōtós graphê There’s a uniqueness to 35mm film that can’t be replicated in a digital photograph: the slightly softer, more forgiving edges, natural grain; I’m drawn to the character it adds: not just character, but also clarity and depth. According to the darkroom, “Film can capture subtle details lost in digital photography.” It’s not just…

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  • Pasticcerie: Italian signage and branding

    a world of sweets Some of my favorite design finds during my time in Italy have to be the pasticcerie, or pastry shops. Strolling past- the elegance, attention to detail, and cohesion between both the branding and the bakes, makes you want to stop in your tracks and pick up a perfectly wrapped parcel of…

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  • Hello 2023

    Hello 2023

    Baci di memorie Benvenuto, welcome to my blog. (So far I only speak two languages, I hope one day I can make that 5.) I want this to be a place where I share things I’ve learned throughout my travels, because how I see it, travel has offered me so much more in knowledge and…

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